5th Annual
Scribe For Action Program

Application deadline is November 15th

5th Annual
Scribe For Action Program

Application deadline is November 15th

Every year, TruScribe selects innovative nonprofits that are transforming the lives of people in our own backyard and around the world.
Apply today for the Scribe For Action program to receive a free whiteboard video and Squigl software.

How Can Nonprofits Scribe For Action?

Our donated services and software offer your nonprofit a unique opportunity to create profound messaging about your mission, to reach a wider audience and inspire action. This year we will again partner with four nonprofit organizations to provide full-service whiteboard video production and access to our revolutionary Squigl software. But this year will be a little different because we are offering 2 application cycles. 

Scribe For Action Recipients will Receive:

A 2-minute written script with voice talent, whiteboard animation using ScribologyTM  principles, and secure video hosting.

Two 3-month licenses for our Squigl  software which will allow users to easily 
create their own whiteboard videos.

And, as a special thank you to all our applicants, every nonprofit that submits a completed application will get a free 3-month subscription to Squigl.

Apply October 1st - November 15, 2018
and from February 1st - March 15th, 2019.

Rules & Requirements
In order to apply for the 2018 Scribe For Action program, your nonprofit must complete an application by November 15, 2018 and have 501(c)(3) nonprofit status or equivalent tax exempt status for organizations based outside of the United States. Nonprofits of all sizes and are eligible to apply. Organizations that have applied in the past are welcome to apply again in 2018-19.

Selecting the Scribe For Action partners is one of the most rewarding and challenging things we get to do. All applications must be complete and meet the requirements described above. Two Scribe For Action partners will be chosen in each application cycle. Organizations who apply in the fall cycle will remain eligible to be selected in the spring cycle, if they choose.

Past Scribe for Action Partners

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Please contact Marita Herkert-Oakland, Scribe For Action Program Manager, at marita.herkert@truscribe.com with any questions.